Indias Oldest Yoga Teacher….There’s no age limit for Yoga

It is amazing to learn and see that age is not a barrier to practicing and teaching Yoga. With good health we can continue to practice well into old age. This fantastic lady proves there is nothing stopping us from enjoying Yoga for years to come.

8 Tips to Improve Your Yoga Practice

Gear up with these 8 yoga tips and yogi’s attitude Yoga is a divine discipline. Although it has its root in India’s ancient tradition, yoga is more relevant in today’s modern stressful life. Yoga is now a globalized phenomenon and the knowledge of yoga is easily available to each one of us. It is important […]

Yoga Needs to Cut the Bullshit

Yoga Needs to Cut the Bullshit All the pseudoscience can detract from the way your practice can actually help. I cringe at every promise of inner peace in yoga class. Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard it before, I think. Yoga will change my life.  In 15 years of practicing yoga, I’ve come to resent that most teachers […]

Wholeness, yoga and eating – what’s the connection?

Yoga means many things to many people, and it’s taken me many years to find out what it means to me, personally. For me, the practice of it, in its simplest form, is about finding wholeness.  Bringing the pieces of myself back together, moving and breathing from my whole body.  Indeed, the very meaning of […]

Alignment In Asana “10 Top Tips” By Graham Burns

  Focussing on the alignment of the physical body in yoga postures (asanas) should never be done simply to create a picture perfect physical shape. Rather, alignment in asana has two main purposes: first, to ensure that the postures are done in a way which minimises the risk of injury, and, secondly, to ensure that […]


Depending on perspective, savasana is either very easy or very advanced. According to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, “lying down on the ground, like a corpse, is called savasana. It removes fatigue and gives rest to the mind.” It is an essential and non-negotiable part of practice. With savasana, there are possibilities to be less agitated […]