6 Reasons Why You Might Experience An Emotional Release On The Yoga Mat

I have been teaching Yoga for a few years and many students confess to having an emotional release on the mat. Myself? Oh yes, I have cried many times during a practice. What have I learnt? Let it flow….So why does this happen?
Throughout our busy lives we often have no time to let our emotions take over. Sometimes, when in Yoga a pose, especially a restorative or yin pose, we have time to stop and ‘check-in’ with our emotions. As we allow our physical body to release, so too can our emotional body. We carry these emotions around with us, day in and day out, yet these emotions sometimes need to be released in order to fully ‘let go’. Slowing everything down, and giving yourself permission to be in the moment, can trigger an emotional release.
“Whatever comes, let it flow. It needs to.” If you experience an emotional release in class, I guarantee your  Yoga teacher
will not mind if you stay in one posture, whilst the rest of the class continue. In fact, they would be touched to see this happen. You might find that no one even realises you are crying. Most people are in their own space on the mat and oblivious to what other students are doing. Six Reasons for an Emotional Release:
1. Connection to self
 Our Yoga practice enables us to feel more connected to our very own ‘self’. Feeling relaxed and grateful for your practice, for your time on the mat, where your only focus is ‘you’, can sometimes be overwhelming. Emotional release may happen. You may not know or understand why, but what you will know is that it is right for it to happen.
2. Safe space
 When we feel that we are in a safe environment or safe posture, it’s as though our emotions are saying ‘yep, this is a good time to escape’. Whatever comes, let it flow. It needs to.
3. The setting
 Whether you have made your personal sanctuary at home, or have attended a class surrounded by like-minded souls, a positive and comfortable environment can impact the likelihood of an emotional release.
4. The posture
 Certain postures can trigger an emotional release. Personally, I am a sucker for having a tear during Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclined Bound Angle). Leave me here for 15 minutes with some gentle calming music playing, and I’m often gone! Furthermore, releasing some physical tension effects our emotional holding. This could be due to a release of pain through a certain asana, or finding a deeper connection with a part of your body you have ignored. We respond uniquely to different postures.
5. You are human!
 We can’t help it, it’s part of being human. Life happens off the mat, and sometimes it can creep onto it too. You may be going through a particularly stressful time in your life, dealing with grief, or suffering from a bout of depression. Whatever you are going through, and however much you try to focus on your breath and remaining present, sometimes the outside world comes in. You know what? That’s okay! If you feel emotional, your body probably needs the emotional release. Remember that it is a natural and positive thing. Let it happen. Don’t shut it out.
6. You are happy
 Sometimes just lying on your mat, acknowledging your breath and reminding yourself “I am alive. I am here” is enough to set you off.

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“Carly has been a student of Yoga for over 20 years, and an accredited Yoga teacher for the last 4 years. She is also the founder of Pinman Yoga, which provides well-crafted Yoga lesson plans to guide and enhance your home Yoga practice. For more information please visit pinmanyoga.com.
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