The Brighton Yoga Festival “A Yogic Approach” 8th & 9th July Sussex Cricket Ground, Hove

For the last three years, something very interesting and profoundly yogic has been stirring in Brighton. The summer of 2014 was the first Brighton Yoga Festival attracting more than 1200 people. Uniquely amongst the many large yoga festivals and shows, it was free to enter and thus attracted many new people to experience the wonderful benefits of yoga. A year later more than 1800 people attended the second Festival and last July more than 3000 yogis packed out the Brighton Corn Exchange and Dome for a fantastic day of yoga, meditation, talks, demonstrations, nutritious food and drink.

Fast forward to next month the fourth and the biggest yet Brighton Yoga Festival will take place in Hove actually ! At the Sussex County Cricket Ground. This time it is a two day event and still free to enter though voluntary donations are requested to cover the event costs. It is open to all, regardless of age, experience or fitness levels with many specialist and beginners classes for those who have never tried yoga before. The Festival this year is sponsored by Yogamatters, the UK’s largest provider of yoga equipment, books & clothing. Other partners include local radio station Juice FM, the Sussex Cricket Foundation, and the local Council’s “Take Part (in Exercise)” Festival.

How is all this possible? The Brighton Yoga Festival is put on by the Brighton Yoga Foundation a registered charity whose aim is to spread the proven medical and mental benefits of yoga to the wider community and to those who need it the most. The trustees are committed to going beyond the existing yoga community with outreach work throughout the year and the funding of local yoga projects such as yoga for the young homeless and yoga for refugees. For example: we are holding an event on International Yoga Day as part of the Take Part Festival to offer free beginners and specialist classes to people in the local community.

Future plans include working with others in the local community to: host a regular local teachers forum; to provide an online directory of local yoga studios and teachers; to document the history of yoga in the city; and to set up (thanks to a kind donation of yoga mats by Yogamatters) a mat provider service for yoga teachers and projects needing to source extra mats.

The current trustess are Davy Jones, Anika Grimm, Emma-Louise Newlyn, David Carry & Camille Pierson from The Float Spa. The costs of all this activity are met by sponsors, teachers and yoga retailers having stalls at the Festival and donations. We have also set up a Friends of Brighton Yoga Foundation.
All are welcome at our forthcoming event on the weekend of 8th & 9th July at Sussex County Cricket Ground, Eaton Road, Hove. With so much fantastic free fun to be had, along with stacks of great prizes, chances to try things for yourself, new music to enjoy and mind blowing demonstrations to see, you’d be mad to miss it! So come join us for some yoga you can even register for a speedy entry.
You can reach us by clicking here Brighton Yoga Foundation  and find us on Facebook  and  Twitter

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